You can think of a website like an item of clothing or a pair of shoes, much like a fashion trend; website design goes in and out of style too. Giving your website a redesign allows you to not only revamp your website but allows you to evaluate and incorporate any current design trends; making your website look modern and contemporary. Below is the latest example of a website redesign for one of our clients at unit36 and in this article we aim to cover what kind of impact a website redesign can have on your business.

What impact will a website redesign have on my business?

Redesigning your website to look the best it possibly can is one thing, however, the design is worthless if a customer struggles to navigate to where they want to visit, or struggles to absorb any important information. A study has shown that a human brain makes a decision 10 seconds before they are even aware of it, the first impression is everything! If a customer comes to a website where information is cluttered, overwhelming and generally just too much to take in, they are more likely to be inclined to click off than anything else because that’s just how the human brain works.

Improves the user experience

A website redesign will allow you to improve user experience by removing any confusing visual clutter, making your website easier to navigate through and making it as easy as possible to allow a customer to visit the site and get exactly what they want as quickly as possible. Alongside this, improving subtle things such as loading times has a massive effect on how much traffic a website gets and how long people stay on your website. Updating your servers, increasing bandwidth and compressing videos and images can also ensure faster loading times for customers and help them get to where they want to be even faster.

Generate more impressions and a higher CTR

Having a redesign will not only guarantee an improved user experience but it will also ensure greater exposure to customers meaning more clicks onto the website as a whole. With Mobile web use greatly exceeding PC web use, it is important to make sure your website looks the best it possibly can on a smartphone screen, you can make your website responsive so that it changes to be automatically resized for any screen resolution. This is to ensure your website looks the best it can across all devices and internet browsers.

Improves SEO and Website Security

Giving your website a secure website link is crucial for increasing the security of your website and also for search engine optimisation. This is done by installing an SSL certificate making your website harder to be hacked allowing customers data to be safe and secure along with your website. Doing this will also rank your website higher above websites without a secure SSL link, as Google sees your website as more secure therefore a better experience for the user.

Increasing search engine friendliness and optimising your website to be ranked higher than others is one of the most important methods to pull customers in. Using demographics of time spent and clicks Google can rank your website against other websites, improving the content and keywords your website can work in harmony with the new Google algorithm and help you get ranked higher against other websites.

Is it a struggle for customers to navigate through your site? Does information on your website come across too cluttered or hard to read? Does your site need to be optimised for mobile use?

Unit36 can help develop and improve your website, you can call us on 01612415453 or contact us to speak to member of Unit36 to discuss and aid in the redesign of your website.

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