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A well designed logo should always be distinctive…

The word ‘logo’ comes from ancient Greek and its translation is ‘word’ or ‘speech’. Fast-forward to modern day and every successful business utilises a logo to represent meaning. It is a symbol, sign, or emblem used by companies to form part of a brand. It doesn’t have to describe what the business does but it identifies the business in a way that is recognisable and memorable. What a logo design looks like and what they represent are equally as important.

A well designed logo should: Identify your company, brand, or product; Be distinctive so that your target audience can tell the difference between you and the competition within the market; Communicate meaning.

Logo Design Portfolio

Filter Donkey Logo
Puppy Essentials Logo
Fiesta Paints Logo
Didsbury Logo
Ribble Valley Group Logo
Express English Centre Logo
Ancoats Logo
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