Ecommerce Web Design.

The UK is quickly becoming a nation of online shoppers, which means eCommerce is big business in the modern day era. Each year online sales increase by at least 10% and that rise shows no signs of stopping soon.

The UK alone has a population of over 60 million people and it is widely believed and reported that at least 90% are web users.

Quickly becoming a nation of online shoppers means eCommerce is big business in the modern day era. Each year online sales increase by at least 10% and that rise shows no signs of stopping soon. We buy everything online these days, from groceries to fashion items and car parts to study courses, we just can’t resist the urge to click that ‘Buy Now’ button!

That is a lot of competition and sale opportunities to go at – and that’s without the US audience or the rest of the world! So, you best make sure your website is attracting the right attention and pulling all the appropriate strings, right? That’s where eCommerce web design begins to shine…

What's Included In Our ECommerce Sites


Mobile Optimised

We cater for differing screen sizes, browsers and even window sizes; whilst also conferring a higher level of support for mobile devices.

Content Management System

Content Management System

We use the latest CMS' available, allowing you and your team to update content, products, manage sales and enhance marketing.

SEO Optimised

SEO Optimised

Our websites are built to achieve rankings immediately, with optimal performance loading speed, SEO friendly code and CMS features for full meta tag editing.

What Is ECommerce Web Design?

To put it simply eCommerce web design is the virtual practise of high-street window dressing.

The main ambition of eCommerce web design is to create an online platform, for you to sell your products, that is both attractive and influential for your target demographic. It may just seem like colours, pictures and aesthetics on the surface; but as you get more involved you realise that it is much more than just visual preference.

Consequently, it’s clear to see that eCommerce web design entails a lot more than simple pattern choices. It involves psychology, repetitive testing and frequent customer feedback. It also involves a lot of research!

In a way, the design of an online store is much more important than the design of a physical store. Inside a physical store you hear music and you see other shoppers, as well as staff members on hand to help. Products are also a lot more immediately accessible and there is space and time to move around as you browse. When browsing an online store you rely solely on your ability to see/read content and you are only usually influenced by these two factors. Therefore, your content design increases in importance dramatically.

eCommerce Web Design

Bespoke eCommerce Web Development

  • Product Management
  • Track Sales
  • Promotional Coupons
  • Product Reviews
  • Sales Reports
  • Customer Accounts

Our bespoke eCommerce website designs are all made-to-measure, meaning they fit around your exact brief and requirements. After all, only you know your customers best and you know how to appeal to their pockets and purses! We will conduct all the necessary research to plug any gaps in your customer understanding and will work alongside you to develop a design that suits all parties – you, your potential customers and your existing followers. Making use of the latest responsive design technologies too, we will ensure your new eCommerce web design is accessible from all computers and devices, certifying the most amount of exposure possible. With rigorous testing and improvements we will also ensure your design is continuously improved upon and never rigid – safeguarding the best results possible.

eCommerce Web Design

B2B and B2C eCommerce Web Design Solutions

Looking for eCommerce web design in Manchester? Here at Unit36 we can cater for both B2B and B2C customers, ensuring you have a layout and blueprint to suit your products, potential customers and existing followers all at once. Wondering how you can improve upon your existing design? Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to talk you through your options

Maintain High Speeds and Conversion Rates

What do we mean by that last sentence? Well one of the most important consequences of your eCommerce web design rests within its conversion rates. As mentioned previously, the effect your design has on a customer online is a lot more profound than with a customer walking into a high-street store. Therefore, how you dress your products up has a bigger effect on your sales online than it does on the high street. In most cases, it really doesn’t matter what you sell either. If you walk into a shop to buy a bar of soap you get to see the product up close; you get to hold it, sniff it and feel the weight of it in your hands. It doesn’t really matter what the shelf looks like where you have picked the soap up from.

Whereas online, you do not have any of those privileges. You rely heavily on the dress-up of the product and the presentation of the content around it to convince you to make a purchase. The design of a webpage is therefore much more important than the design of a shop shelf. What triggers your customers will change over time though, hence why it is so important to keep updating your design. The exact same can be said for technology. As the digital world becomes more sophisticated and the technology advances, it is just as important to update your web design to ensure it keeps running quickly and seamlessly. Maintaining high site speed is beneficial towards your conversion rates and site design/coding overload is one of the biggest detriments towards that.

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