The World Cup is an international event that happens once every 4 years, where different countries from around the world organize their best football teams to battle for pride and The World Cup trophy. For a normal person this is an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy it with family and friends as you support your country, but for a growing digital marketing agency this is a perfect opportunity to grow an audience and gain success and here’s why…

Moment Marketing

You can use moment marketing to increase sales and engagement during The World Cup. The basic premise of moment marketing is creating a relevant message at the right time (often looking very spontaneous even though most moment marketing campaigns are planned weeks in advance) the reason why this is so powerful is that it has so much potential to go viral.

A large part of moment marketing is reacting to unexpected situations, The World Cup has already had upsets and many unexpected moments and there will be more to come, taking risks and being either controversial or witty could end up rewarding you and your company. Moment marketing in The World Cup could use offline experience either on TV or in the stadium to drive engagement, one example where moment marketing has been successful was in 2015 when the wrong winner was announced for Miss Universe. The crown was taken away from the girl and given to the actual winner and the world was in shock for a few days, Burger King immediately jumped onto this; handing out crowns with every meal, they said their iconic crown was one that everyone can keep, this tweet gained massive attention and engagement receiving over 53,000 retweets and over 45,000 likes on Twitter.

Newspapers and promotional marketing companies use moment marketing all the time, in The World Cup they would create items for both teams near The World Cup final, printing  “Champions” on both so they can get their product to the marketplace quickly; so no time is wasted waiting to find out who has won. In this phase any wasted time is wasted money, the effects of winning, quickly wear off as people are more likely to buy the product in ‘The Moment’ rather than days down the line when the feeling of winning has worn off.


You need to be ‘Marketing at the moment’ or taking risks in order to be successful but you also need to be thinking outside the box, be creative with your marketing. Noone would’ve guessed that the two best players in the world would return home from the world cup after the first round of the group stages and sure you may not have the budget to film a short documentary with Lionel Messi but it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and think of a witty marketing campaign to make light of him leaving the tournament so early on.

Marketing has evolved a lot in the past few years and is no longer just pitching a product to a boardroom, it’s more of a two-way conversation, creating messages that your users can engage with and respond to is key for growing a following and creating good relationships with. You can use The World Cup to increase engagement rates by asking users to predict results from matches or get them to share matchday photos using your hashtag. Not only does this build a good relationship with customers you already have but has the ability to draw potential customers in.

Making posts about The World Cup and selling products is all well and good but you need to ask yourself; Is the campaign relevant? Is it effective? And will you gain anything from it?

There’s a difference between taking risks and making poor business choices.

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