We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website here at Unit36! We’ve introduced a fresh image and a whole new layout for existing and potential customers to browse through. A lot of late nights, sweat and tears have gone into the new design over the last couple of months. So we really hope you like it!

Our brand name, ethos and offering remain largely the same – but with refined definition. We love producing work that is one of a kind and we hope the new layout expresses our unique taste and design capabilities perfectly.

Importance of Keeping in Touch

It is vitally important that we remain in contact with our followers and customer base; ensuring there is a clear line of available communication when needed. We hope our new expansive style and clear navigation achieves this. We’ve also filled out our pages with more content, providing more information, advice and useful tips along the way.

The importance of keeping in touch doesn’t relate entirely to communication. We must also ensure we keep in touch with the latest technology and modern design trends. Here at Unit36 we are one of the leading responsive design agencies in Manchester and the UK as a whole. We realise the importance of keeping abreast with what the digital world has to offer. You should refresh your site at least once every couple of years to ensure your web presence isn’t becoming dated and incompatible.

What Has Changed?

First and foremost, our design is the biggest change. We hope our new layout really opens up the site; making it clear, concise and easy to use. We’ve changed the colour scheme, opting for shades of navy blue, lime green and brilliant white throughout the makeup of the site. Navy is the new black these days and we think the colour works wonderfully well within web design. No way near as harsh or as dominant as black, this shade balances perfectly with white text and green features.

We’ve filtered down our services too, now offering core web design services as this is what we’ve always specialised in. Web design and development is what we are best at so we have clarified and redefined our services around this. Visit our services page for more detailed information and to check out what’s changed.

Professional Web Design Services

We pride ourselves on professional, friendly and committed web design services. It is the basis of everything else that we do and the reason we come here to work each morning. By offering bespoke design and development services, we can guarantee our clients a solution that fits their every want and need. You can see our new case studies page for examples of how we flex our creative muscle and the results we’ve achieved in the process. From creative branding to SEO and digital marketing – the design is always in the detail!

Committed to Everything We Do

This little boutique agency of ours started back in 2012, just five years ago. In this time we have achieved many great things, received many prestigious awards and provided numerous picture-perfect results. Five years on from our start date and we’re still absolutely loving what we do. We adore our client base and relish the opportunity of attracting more. We can only hope for another five years of this dream to come true!

Contact Unit36 – Web Design in Manchester

Let us know what you think of our new web design on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages using the hashtag #unit36. It’d be great to hear your opinion and see what you all think! We’re over the moon with it – but of course we would be!

If you’re searching for web design services in Manchester or anywhere else in the UK, take a look at our web design page. Alternatively, you can talk to one of our team members directly about your project or your web development needs. Simply call us on 0161 241 54 53 or visit our contact page for more details.

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