Every now and then in a company’s lifetime, a shake-up is required to freshen things up a bit and to keep momentum rolling forward. Perhaps the company name doesn’t fit anymore or the size of the business has outgrown its original status. Whatever the reason, a rebranding exercise should be positive, proactive and fit for purpose. If executed properly, such an exercise can exploit and emphasise a change in direction and indicate a significant improvement in your business model.
With this in mind we are proud to introduce unit36 – our new name and change of approach to creative digital marketing.

Reasons for our Rebrand

After a number of years operating under our first name we decided it was time for a change; for a number of very good reasons. First and foremost, we believed that our old name failed to properly represent who we are as a company and the direction we are heading. Over the last 12 months or so our little business has really come of age; experiencing growth, development and expansion within the market. We also have some more clients, a fresh site design and some added capabilities too.
As a result, the relevancy of our old name was beginning to dwindle slightly and the lexical choices within it provided an undertone of being outdated and extraneous. This created a need to reposition the brand and produce a visible change for all of our clients and stakeholders to see; the most obvious of which was to change the name. We believe our new name brings us right up to date and accurately reflects our business values and our digital marketing services.

unit36 – More Than Just Unit

unit36 IconSo why did we choose unit36? Well primarily we wanted to choose a name that is memorable and instantly recognisable. Our old name was too long-winded and far too often abbreviated – an element we wanted to avoid with our new name. We believe having the ability to abbreviate, shorten or differentiate a company name can cause confusion and a lack of clarity/recognition. unit36 will always be unit36 – no nicknames or AKAs – just unit36!

But where did the name come from? unit36 is the number of the new studio we work from in Barrowford. The name represents more than a just building though; it symbolises a collection of like-minded and creative professionals working together in unity. It characterises our togetherness and holistic approach to digital marketing, with a quirky and intelligent name to boot! Not to mention the endless design opportunities created by such a simple and profound brand name. The squared diamond logo we have settled on also represents this notion of unison and technology.

Rebranding Exercises Done Properly

When executed properly and effectively, a rebranding exercise can have extremely positive results. Repositioning your company’s image and approach can provide a defined purpose, increased confidence and more exposure. It can also boost staff morale, especially if your business has experienced a period of stagnation and/or decline. Other benefits to a rebranding exercise can include:

  • An increase in awareness and excitement around your business
  • A unification of new products/services under one single concept
  • An indication of commitment to the future
  • Shows confidence to clients that you’re serious about keeping up to date
  • Streamline your identity

Rebranding Exercises Gone Wrong

Not all branding exercises are successful however; remember when GAP changed their typography? Utter disaster! It was a matter of days before the fashion label changed back to their renowned tall and thin lettering. Sometimes a rebranding exercise can have the opposite desired effect and actually cause confusion rather than clarification. This uncertainty and loss of brand awareness can come at a cost and quite a big one too! Some potential drawbacks to a rebranding exercise include:

  • Customer confusion and loss of interest
  • Causes suspicion even if the rebrand is justified and correct
  • Trust and brand equity can be compromised
  • Cost and time expense

Can unit36 Help You?

If your company is currently pursuing a rebranding exercise then you must consider both the potential benefits and drawbacks beforehand. We advise that you do not shoot for the moon or fix something that isn’t broken. We also recommend that you avoid such an exercise if the reason for it is purely money motivated. A rebrand should be primarily focused on your business model, your ambitions and your audience – not your bottom dollar!

We hope you like our new name as much as we do and we hope to continue this momentum in the coming months ahead. Perhaps the best thing about our company name is that it has so many different interpretations from different groups of individuals – and that’s just the way we like it! Why not let us know what you think of our rebrand? Hit us up on unit36 Facebook and unit36 Twitter – we’d love to know your thoughts!

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