Social Media Marketing Explained, if your reading this then you’re probably wondering whether Social Media Marketing is right for your business. Did you know that one out of every seven minutes spent online is spent Facebook and Facebook users spend an average of 20 minutes on Facebook each day, pretty crazy, right? Well if that hasn’t made you’re mind up about Social Media then I don’t know what will.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Manchester we work on Social Media Campaigns on a daily basis, the aim of this article is to explain the positives Social Media can have to a business online, and how the different aspects all inter-link creating a chain of networks across the web all leading back to your business. Whether it’s for a service or product Social Media is a great way to engage with new customers and build your brand online. Whatever stage you’re at, pro or beginner we’re here to help you along the way.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a technology used across web and mobile built for connecting individuals, communities and organisations all over the world. Social Media Marketing is the way these technologies are used, to generate new customers, build long lasting relationships and drive repeat business.

Social Media strategy

Social Media is only a buzzword until you come up with a plan, before heading off to Facebook or Twitter it’s important to set goals and understand what you want to accomplish from your Social Media campaign this comes in the form of a Social Media strategy.

Here’s a few steps to help you create your Social Media Strategy…

1. Time and commitment
Gaining fans and followers doesn’t happen overnight, before sitting down to brainstorm your Social Media strategy it’s pointless starting out creating new content and posting status updates only to get bored, if needs be set a side some time each week or even each day to plan your weeks engagement strategies.

2. Do your research
If your business is just starting out on Social Media, before creating a strategy for your campaign do some research and find out if you already have a fanbase out there, are there any videos on YouTube or Vimeo of your products being used? Has anyone written any reviews about your product or service anywhere else online? Does your brand have any mentions on Facebook or Twitter? There are tools out there to help you find out this information, have a look at Wildfire or Brandwatch, tools like this analyse the web for mentions of your brand online.

3. Establish Social Media platforms
Once decided on what Social Media platforms will best distinguish your business online, it’s crucial to style your chosen social Media channels using your company logo and brand guidlines. This gives your company a consistent identity online.

4. Social Media engagement
Steady engagement it the key to success in Social Media Marketing. Put yourself in your customers shoes, what would I find interesting if I saw it on Facebook? Write fresh and unique content on your blog, post news articles about awards, achievements, staff nights out, then use your social channels to spread these links across the web, encouraging your follows to share these links with their followers and so on. There’s many ways to engage with your followers but remember certain engagement strategies work depending on the industry. For example if a law firm was to post pictures of a staff night out, everybody lashed, although the images might be entertaining I doubt it would encourage potential new business. Finally never forget the importance of step one, time and commitment, the main reason Social Media fails for businesses is lack of interaction, steady and continuous engagement wins the race.

In Social Media Marketing Explained part two we cover engagement strategies in more detail, showing you how competitions and promotions can rapidly grow your followers.

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