Sure it may seem a while away but Christmas is starting soon in terms of design and prep for most companies. Preparing your website for the Christmas season should be of top priority, you want your website ready as soon as possible so you can start promoting Christmas goodies and offers and to gain more brand awareness and income over the few months that an eCommerce Christmas lasts for.

A great way to set the Christmas tone is by giving your logo a fun Christmas theme. Large companies do this all the time two examples are Google and Coca-Cola, it can help show your brand that you are relevant and fun. Don’t change the colours of your logo, make sure the changes are subtle, clear and effective because the last thing you want is for customers to no longer recognize your logo.

Christmas is a perfect time to reach out and inspire people in blog articles to do with Christmas. People are more likely to read and listen over the Christmas period as they’re taking the time to care for other people by researching gift ideas and decoration ideas. Keyword optimization or SEO is really important when it comes to writing Christmas blogs too, make sure you’re writing blogs that people are searching for.

Simple effects such as falling snow or subtle messages work really well with customers. A message such as “Have a Merry Christmas!” after a purchase is a great friendly touch to add to your site. Other effects such as adding a Christmas countdown or a sale countdown can be really engaging, when they say a picture tells a thousand words, the saying couldn’t be any truer; the human mind processes visual information times faster than text.


Keep on top

Analysing data is important within an e-commerce business. If you’re a new business, recently set up with a new website the best thing to do is to set attainable goals and projections for over the Christmas period. At this stage you won’t have had enough time to find what works well and what receives the best engagement.

Otherwise, you need to find out what did well on your website last Christmas. You can pick apart what did well and what didn’t and decide to bring either or back to the site again this year for Christmas. Tracking your website’s analytics is key to gage things like traffic, page hits, bounce rate, conversion rate and sales. You don’t just have to analyze your own data, often a great way to see what does well is by analyzing successful companies or companies similar to your own.

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