2015 is already shaping up to be another pivotal year for web design, with many distinct changes and innovations now coming into play. The next 6 months will throw up many more new trends and design techniques for us all to learn and follow; several of which will rest under the category of logo design.

Logo designers around the world dream of creating that one awe-inspired emblem that will take over the world. From the Ferrari horse to the McDonald’s M – creating a globally recognised brand symbol is every logo designer’s ambition. In order to achieve this dream in 2015, logo designers must keep ahead of the latest trends and innovations in web design.

Keeping up with these changes can be difficult as there are often many of them. Fear not though, this article aims to highlight the most promising logo design trends that we can look forward to seeing in the coming months ahead.

Thin and Bold Lines

The pen tool is becoming growingly popular amongst graphic designers, especially when creating beautiful logos. This technique has now superseded icon design and is being used on a more frequent basis. Even Apple has adopted this design trend on its latest iOS.

The Incomplete Logo Design

The incomplete logo leaves us begging for more and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! An unfinished logo leaves much to be desired, which is exactly the point. You want to get the minds of your audience working and thinking – displaying an incomplete logo can definitely do this. Have them try complete word or a visual in their mind – leading them into curiosity.

Script Typography

Fancy hand-scripted typography is all the rage these days, in everything web based! A custom font and handwriting style is used to create text within a logo, providing an official stance for the business in question. It looks posh and it does the job! It also adds a touch of personality and uniqueness to a logo – which is extremely important for branding purposes!

Low Polygon Logo Design

Out of the entire list, this is perhaps the one design trend that is growing in popularity the most. Last year this design technique was mostly used to create background imagery and wallpapers. Nowadays though, the 3D based design is making its way into logos, icons and other design elements too. You should expect to see more of this design technique across all web design aspects in the near future.

Negative Space

This technique is neither new nor unheard of. However, for some reason it seems to be staging a mini revival by making its way into design logos online. Using negative space can make your Logo Design unique, visually stunning and instantly recognisable. These are all the elements you want and need in a company logo!


The sub-heading says it all. Simple is safe. In fact, sometimes it’s more than just safe, it’s spectacular! Just take a look at the Nike logo – simplicity at its best! It can be too easy to overthink your logo design and therefore ruin the full effect; 2015 looks to be the year of stripping things back to basics.

Dynamic Logos

Dynamic logos are all the rage these days also, providing a different design aspect for designers to think about. Rigid logos are becoming a thing of the past, as many online companies now have more than one style of logo for every page of their website. Whether it is a simple colour palette change or a different font, designers are now able to blend a logo into the design of a page; rather than make it stand out from it.
lowercase lettering

For headings and logos this style is funky, modern and attractive. Apple were one of the first brands to experiment with a lowercase letter with the famous ‘i’ but now many brand are beginning to follow suit. Many brand names and logos are purely written in lowercase letters these days for a sleek and contemporary style.

Vintage Logos

This kind of thing never really dies; there is always a need for vintage style web design and logo creation. This design technique is mostly popular with wedding companies and interior design businesses. Many photographers adopt this style in their logo creation too. It gives an impression of prestige, grandeur and tradition. These core values can really work well for companies such as these.

Tips for Designing the World-Conquering Logo

Now you know what to look out for in 2015 in terms of the latest logo design trends, let us take you through some tips on how to create the perfect logo. Of course there are many different elements and aspects to creating a fantastic logo, but there are some of the fundamentals:

Get Your Colour Right – Perhaps the most important consideration for your logo design is the colour palette. Colour carries meaning and a message, so do not be frivolous in your decision making here.

Understand Your Brand – Your logo is more than just a symbol; it is also an introduction to your brand and your business. It is the front door and the first impression you are able to make, so you really need to understand your brand to understand how your logo should look.

Custom Typography – This is an obvious but necessary piece of advice. Nobody likes a lazy font picker, so design your own instead of using one from the custom font menu! If you are designing your logo then you should be designing your font too! Nothing can provide your logo with as much uniqueness as a custom made font.

Don’t Expect Instant Recognition – It takes time for any brand to gain popularity, so do not expect your logo design to be an instant hit. You design can even undergo many changes before you rest on a final product – so don’t grow too attached to the first draft. Ultimately, the success of your logo will depend on the success of the brand and business itself.

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