Unfortunately, a small part of email marketing is about trial and error, not all email marketing strategies that work well for other companies will necessarily work for yours. You should be analysing what worked well in last years campaigns (if possible). It’s usually a great idea to start looking at successful email marketing campaigns if you have no history, you don’t want to be starting from scratch, have a look and see what competitors are doing!


Another thing to note is that you can never send too many emails. As long as it’s not spam, you can pretty much send as many emails as you want to the same people to find out which designs or messages work best for you.  Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend sending 100s of emails because it would probably get annoying and would most probably deter people from your site or buying your product. Just be careful not to use the same message you don’t want your emails being placed in a spam folder.


Having a witty subject line or one with a punch can really make your email stand out amongst all the other clichéd Christmas sales email. How many emails do you receive during the Christmas period where the message is more or less the same thing? Having something different will provide your email with more of a chance of it even being opened if you can make your consumer laugh from an email you’re winning!


The design of your email needs to be eye-catching whilst the text also needs to be easy enough to read. Much like decorating a house over Christmas you need to be doing the same to your emails with your design. Often a great way to engage customers is by taking pictures of a festive office or real-time festive photos. Taking photos of a festive happy office can generate more engagement for your company than cliched photos, its Christmas so people are generally a lot happier and are therefore a lot happier to see a company with happy workers celebrating Christmas together.

Social media and logins on your site is a great way to gather personal information on customers to personalise emails. When a customer logs in on your site you can gather their personal information to use to personalize an email. You can gather information on names, birthdays, most viewed items on your site etc. You can use this information to send emails giving offers on people’s birthdays, personalizing to peoples names and sending people items similar to ones they’ve previously looked at.


What not to do when email marketing 

❌ If your brand colours aren’t red and green then don’t use them to market over the holiday, use your brand colours appropriately with other festive items.

❌ Cliched festive marketing strategies prevent clicks, you have 7 seconds to grab attention for a click, keep things simple it’s all about laying the brand on the holiday. Think outside the box, often the ideas that are wacky and interesting are the ideas that get the most attention.

❌ Don’t take the money and run, continue to build a relationship with the consumer after they have bought from you, feedback from customers is key. Often a great way to do this is through email marketing.


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